Trying Times Supportive Services  - “Even the strongest have their moments of fatigue”-Nietzsche
“Even the strongest have their moments of fatigue”-Nietzsche"
Trying Times Supportive Services is dedicated to helping you through areas of uncertainty in both your personal and professional life. Working with a Life/Business Coach can help give you the perspective you need when it matters most. While working outside the traditional 9-5 hour work day, Trying Times will be available to you most anytime. You will want your coach to be accessible in real time. It is for that reason why I have extended hours till 10:00 PM.

Life Coaching can help with-

Building self-confidence and self-esteem
Learning relaxation techniques
Overcoming anxiety and fear
Transitions in Life
Improving your health and physical fitness
Spirituality and religion issues
Coping with Grief and Bereavement Developing time management skills
Achieving better relationship skills
Coping with Divorce
Anger management

Many of my clients utilize my services while they are experiencing a health problem. Others may use me as a sounding board. Although I do not provide therapy, the relationship we build and time we spend together will be therapeutic by nature. My clients come from all walks of life. They are people just like you who have encountered a tough time in their lives. My clients range from the busy professional to the stay at home parent. They opt to be proactive during their stress event.
Whatever their reason is to see me, their comfort is my concern.

Services I offer-

Life Coaching
Client Advocacy
Drop In Senior Support
In Patient Drug Treatment Placement 
Case Management 
Spiritual Support {Crisis Chaplain Services}
Client Advocacy 
Hospital Visitation  
Phone Conferences/Support
Accompaniment To Doctors Appointments
Accompaniment To 12 Step Meetings 
Email Support/Web Ezinearticles
Small Business Consulting
STD Class
Bloodbourne Pathogens Class {with certification}

Your Advocate  
Vance is a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and Licensed Chaplain- He has spent the last 26 years working in the AIDS, Addiction and Cancer communities. His education includes End Of Life issues, Spiritual Care, Crisis Counseling and Holistic Health. With degrees in both Transformational Counseling and Divinity, he currently works for various companies as a consultant for those who are in need of personal and spiritual support. You can also find him working as a Case Manager/Client Advocate with SPJ Consulting {see above link to Recovery Coach/Services} as a Life Coach with Avenue Weight Loss and as a consultant with Girls Talk TV.

Vance also has extensive experience in the non-profit world both on the local and national platform. He has worked in program development and as a consultant for national campaigns for Breast Cancer.  

Vance is a proud member of the International Christian Coaching Association, American Association of Christian Counselors, International Association of Peer SupportersChaplain Fellowship Ministries, National Certified Chaplains Association and the National Guild of Hypnotist
*Please consult with your Healthcare professional if you are seeking diagnosis, treatment or cure.*

You can now see Vance Larson being interviewed for the Girls Talk TV special "Living With HIV/AIDS" Part 1.

Vance will be doing a series of lectures on Human Sex Trafficking this month to several Maryland Colleges.